Inside Influencer Sean Taylor’s Elopement With a Campy, Vintage-Inspired After-Party at The Village Café in Richmond, Virginia Featured on The Knot


March 20, 2023

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Ahead of their upcoming wedding this fall with The Hive Wedding Co in Richmond, VA, Sean and Eric elected to elope, and it turned out to be the most fun night filled with disco camp. When I tell you the guests came dressed to theme, I am not exaggerating at all. First, let’s rewind. The two met at a party and reconnected years later on a dating app (a true modern love story). They dated long-distance before moving back to Richmond, Virginia together. “This elopement was really a love letter to our experience in Richmond,” explains Sean. “We met here almost ten years ago, and we always talked about moving back before we finally did about a year ago. Celebrating our favorite spots and sharing them with the online community I’ve built since living in RVA has been such a treat!” Sean is an influencer and a season-one contestant on Netflix’s “The Circle”, and brought a fun sense of style to the elopement plans.

As so many modern couples do, they eloped for extremely practical reasons ahead of their big wedding. “Our decision to elope before our larger wedding set for September 2023 couldn’t be any less romantic. I wanted to qualify for Eric’s insurance,” Sean laughs. “So, we decided to make it a whole moment and do something very different from our “real” wedding, which is set to be very classic and timeless.”

The contrast in style was stylish and fun. “We used our elopement to do something that felt vibey, irreverent and unique to us. We gave our guests a bit of a fashion assignment with a dress code of kitschy, glitzy, Vegas, ‘camp’ clothes,” says Sean. Eric wore a chic, custom, dusty-blue suit, while Sean wore a strapless minidress with detachable, sheer puff sleeves and a sheer cape. The ceremony was casual as the couple was surrounded by family and friends on the balcony of their suite at The Jefferson. To go with her dress, Sean wore white kitten heels, pearl earrings, a light blue purse that matched Eric’s suit. Her look was paired with a short veil a bow. Leaning into the disco vibe, Sean “went with a curtain bang half updo and completed the look with a subtle baby blue eye.”

After their super quick ceremony, they piled into an Uber to head over to The Village Cafe, a favorite spot in Richmond. Friends gathered around a long table in the back and sipped on cocktails, coffee, milk shakes and enjoyed all of the best breakfast food.

The elopement was featured on The Knot.

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