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Photographers are people first – we pull inspiration from what ignites us. Our favorite images are borne from the resonance we feel when we can capture someone unguarded, making art from a connection that can’t be watered down or replicated. Those images are the result of knowing you are at ease enough to live unflinchingly and that we can match your energy, anticipating the moment as you experience it.

"The girls who get it, get it, and Nikki Daskalakis just gets it. Words could never do her justice, she is a singular force in the lives of those who know and love her. She is empowering, emboldening, radically empathetic, and for me, an unequivocally fearless leader in a storm. She embodies what it means to be a champion of women and of course there is the obvious, that she is an unparalleled, fucking fantastic photographer. She is Nikki. 

It is truly impossible to describe what Nikki was able to create on my wedding day or who she has become to me since then, but I will try. 

When looking for a photographer I wanted someone who could deliver timeless, elevated, candid photos that allowed us to just enjoy the moment. There is a level of trust required when you choose to largely abstain from staged wedding photos. Will they capture us in a way that holds meaning for me, will they be able to capture the small moments I will forever cherish? One can only imagine the kind of human she was as a social worker as her ability to read the room is done with seemingly innate precision, she is constantly scanning, one finger on the emotional pulse, capturing your most sacred and intimate moments that others simply could never find. She is the woman behind the lens repeating "slay" to you over and over, so much so that you forget all the bad things you told yourself in the mirror and you believe her when she says you're perfect. She is the woman who remembers to take the photos of your best friends, one pregnant in a nightgown, another helping you put your necklace on, another standing in the corner watching it all unfold, the day you've all talked about since you were little girls. She is the woman who captures your mother, holding your wedding gown tight, eyes closed, when she thinks no one is watching and your parents, holding hands, beaming with pride, as you recite your vows. She is the woman who is honored to bear witness to your life's most precious, nuanced moments and transforms them into art. She is Nikki.

If you examine her work you will find the insane range she possesses, and how individual her look is. It is often I see a hotel or event and think, this is Nikki's work, before seeing her credited, because her style is uniquely hers. She is impossibly chic with a keen eye for fashion. She seamlessly delivers photos that are equal parts editorial and emotional, she herself unknowingly describes her work best, "the feeling is the point". What she delivers is timeless, sleek, sophisticated. She has no time for anything resembling the word basic. Her work on film is nothing short of genius, she flawlessly captures the movement, the tone and the emotion of a room taken in a split second, a fleeting moment in time. In action she is a beast, Prada fanny pack hanging from her shoulder, three cameras slung around her neck, not a singular ounce of stress present. She is so stealth, by the time you hear the rapid fire clicks and turn to face her she shrugs, coyly smiles and is off. In an instant, you realize she already has the shot, because of course she does. 

It was like rain on our wedding day, but who would have thought I booked the best for the job."


from a real bride

Kelsey and robby

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Red Fox Inn, Virginia

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Nikki capture our wedding this past fall in Washington, D.C. Almost immediately after we started working with our wedding planner, we began the search for someone who would be open, honest, and unique in their vision for how they wanted to shoot our wedding. We looked through a number of photographers but were immediately drawn to Nikki, who we soon got on a call with and instantly knew that she was the perfect person for the job. After just a short conversation, Nikki sent us a vision board that flawlessly encapsulated the essence that we were going for in our wedding -- mind you, after one conversation! This was just a taste of her attention to detail and incredible eye that we soon saw with both our engagement shoot and wedding weekend.

We could write literal pages on how wonderful the experience was with Nikki, but the most important thing to take away here is that there is no one better than Nikki at capturing all the moments you would want to see at your wedding. The big moments, the small moments of intimacy amongst the chaos, and tipsy moments on the dancefloor -- she knows exactly what to capture in order for you to have a perfect capsule of your day/weekend. We've all been in awe of the photos that Nikki and her team captured, and each time we look at the album(s) we find more and more pictures that we fall in love with. That's the beauty of her art -- it's a timeless gift that will continue to surprise you.

--Thomas & Patrick, Grooms

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