Leave nothing on the table.

Photographers are people first – we pull inspiration from what ignites us. Every experience we have informs who we become: my approach to photography has its origins in my first career as a clinical social worker. After completing my Masters degree, I spent years in the court system helping people who needed someone to bear witness to their most challenging experiences. That work demands presence and authenticity. I learned to leave space for people’s emotions to live, never rushing an uncomfortable moment away or trying to change a truth into something neat and compact.

When I came to photography as an artistic release, I soon realized that capturing people requires the same willingness to let moments be as expansive and substantial as they are. While I’ve spent years coming to master light, framing, and the technical elements of great images, I know at my core that everything starts with emotion.

If you're feeling stuck, uninspired, maybe even a little burnt out--let's get to the bottom of that together. Anyone can look at your business on the surface level and recognize pain points. Through mentorship, I'm offering a more holistic approach to aligning your unique perspective to what works best for your business.

Former social worker with a thing for deep conversations and electric connections.

The way I see it...

You're driving along in your car when a headlight goes out. Stay with me here. You keep getting in car accidents and have no idea why because you're inside the car. A good mentor will take a step back and say "hey, did you know your headlight is out?"--then we work on that repair together. If you're running into roadblocks, an outside perspective may help you understand why. Maybe it's how you begin a client call, maybe it's an editing issue, maybe you're priced too low. You read that right. 


I've tailored a selection of mentorship options for those just wanting a quick check-in with a jolt of inspiration to a full scale one on one where we not only dig into the nuts and bolts of your business through website review, pricing, portfolio review and shooting side by side with instruction.

here's my why.


Prepare yourself for a candid discussion that will help you navigate your path forward.

I am not going to bullshit you. I'm not good at it. Expect a straight-forward and sincere, yet gentle enough approach to this mentorship. I firmly believe that not one size fits all and it's important to play to your own strengths--not replicating what you've seen work for others. What are you good at? What is your light? What draws people into you? Let's fan that flame.

90 minute call

A jolt of inspiration is what you need. Need to bounce ideas off of someone you trust? Let's talk about the things no one wants to talk about.

  • Portfolio or website reviews
  • Pricing
  • Business strategy
  • Copy, professional self-expression and messaging
  • Positioning and networking
  • Meeting clients where they are + nailing the sales call
  • Defining your style
  • Technical photography skills
  • Selective portfolio building
  • Luxury client experience
  • Wedding flow (timelines, gear, etc.)

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short term

Navigate multiple pain points in your business while allowing time for information to sink in. 

A series of one on one calls over 3 months.
  • Initial 90 minute call
  • 3 biweekly 60 minute calls

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Six months of mentorship. Put your knowledge into practice with support as you shift with intention.

  • Initial 90 minute call
  • Six 60 minute calls 

Covering your choice of topics in depth as well as navigating business troubles in real time: portfolio and website reviews, pricing, business strategy, copy, professional self-expression and messaging, positioning and networking, meeting clients where they are + nailing the sales call, defining your style, technical photography skills, selective portfolio building, luxury client experience, wedding flow (timelines, gear, etc.).

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An open-book experience with a portfolio building shoot in-studio and fresh headshots.

For those looking to show everyone what they're capable of. You know what you can do, let's prove it. 
  • Initial 90 minute call
  • Six 60 minute calls
  • In studio editorial shoot
  • Headshots
A candid look at the backend of my business as well as a deep dive into your brand, culminating in a mini editorial photoshoot in my Baltimore studio.

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Great for foundational businesses and photographers ready to bump up pricing.


Mix and match to create a mentorship that works for your business.

  • Headshots
  • In person meeting, half or full day
  • 60 minute call
  • Large scale editorial
  • Mini editorial
  • Website review
  • Social media review

Ask for a custom mentorship

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