Spring Engagement Session in Baltimore, Maryland


April 19, 2020

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Forget everything but the way it feels to be here. No matter her subject, Nikki documents moments with an intuitive sense of their emotional relevance and inherent beauty. 
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From the couple “Our story begins like most these days….swiping right. After finally getting Grant to agree to meet up for a date (he may have forgotten about Katie for a bit while he was enjoying some “amazing” Austin, Texas BBQ), we realized how much we had in common. It did not take long for Katie to realize that she wanted to see Grant again, so she persuaded him to leave his homework and come watch a men’s lacrosse game that weekend. Pretty much at the end of that game, they both knew that there was something special about each other….Katie found a guy who would watch lacrosse with her and Grant found a girl who could convince him it was ok to leave work for a bit to go have some fun for a few hours. As the years have gone by they have spent much time by each other’s side pushing the other to be the best possible version they knew the other could be…. Which as you know, breaking them out of their comfort zone can be quite the struggle, so bless the other person for putting up with the anxiety the other one has about being pushed! During their 3 years in Charm City, they have accomplished a lot and made a lot of memories along the way. They got their first home, made the NCAA lacrosse tournament a yearly tradition, welcomed in the ever so famous dwarf dog, Howie, both graduated from grad school, and made silly memorable moments along the way. Before running off to start another adventure in Portland, OR, Grant finally popped the question- and Katie said YES!”

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